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Cloud Accounting Benefits

Cloud Accounting Benefits

What are the benefits of moving to the cloud for your accounts ?

The benefits of moving to the cloud accounting for your business are

1. Mobile access at any time

With cloud accounting, you can access your accounts and key figures at anytime, from anywhere.

When you use an old-fashioned, desktop-based system, you are effectively tied to the office. Your software, your data and your accounts are all sat on a local drive. And that limits the access you can have to your financial information.

2. A cost and time-effective solution

Desktop-based systems require an investment in IT hardware, plus the maintenance of that hardware. You require a server to house the application software and the related data. And you will need to pay an IT expert to maintain both the server and the office network – that can be an expensive overhead.

Online accounting is carried out entirely from the cloud. There is no costly IT infrastructure for you to maintain, and you can access the software whether you are in the office, working from your kitchen table or out at a customer meeting.

Rather than waiting until you are back at the office, you can immediately approve payments, or send out invoices to customers, saving you time and making your financial processes far more effective.

3. Watertight security and no time-consuming back-ups

When you are cloud-based, your accounts and records are all saved and backed up with military levels of encryption.

4. Share and collaborate with ease

Working with colleagues, and sharing data with your advisers, is an extremely straightforward process when you’re based in the cloud.

With a system like Sage Business Cloud (our choice of cloud accounting), you, your colleagues, your management team and your advisers can all access the same numbers – instantly, from any geographical location. So collaboration is as easy as picking up the phone and logging in to Sage, with the key numbers in front of you.

5. Reduces paperwork and is more sustainable

With an online accounting system, you can significantly reduce your reliance on paperwork. Invoices can be emailed out directly to clients, removing the costs of printing and postage – and speeding up the payment process. Incoming bills and receipts can be scanned and saved directly with the associated transactions in your accounting software.

And because your documents are all digitised and stored in the cloud, there is no need to keep the paper originals – saving on filing space and storage costs.

6. Better control of your financial processes

The efficiencies of Sage’s online accounting software give you greatly improved control of your core financial processes.

Sage’s online invoicing function streamlines the whole invoice process, giving you a better view of expected income, an overview of outstanding debts and a clear breakdown of what each customer owes your business.

If you are currently using a desktop-based accounting system, and want to see first-hand how cloud accounting can benefit your business, please do get in touch for review of SAGE CLOUD.

Any queries on same give me a call on 091 763817 or email me at



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